Chemistry’s Contribution to Our Global Future


Javier Garcia-Martinez is currently a faculty member and director of the Molecular Nano- technology Laboratory at the University of Alicante, Spain. He has published extensively in the areas of nanomaterials, catalysis and energy. His latest book entitled “Nanotechnology for the Energy Challenge” (Wiley-VCH) provides a comprehensive view of the current status of this field. Javier is also co-founder of Rive Technology Inc (Boston, MA), a clean energy com- pany, commercializing advanced catalyst technology that makes traditional zeolite catalysts more accessible to large hydrocarbon molecules. Javier is also member of the World Economic Forum and of the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). During the International Year of Chemistry, Javier is co-chairing the Global Experiment organized by IUPAC and UNESCO.

Elena Serrano is a Research Fellow at the Molecular Nanotechnology Lab of the University of Alicante (Spain). Elena received her PhD thesis from the University of Basque Country on the nanostructuration of functional materials and carried out her post-doctoral activity in collaboration with Arkema at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) at Lyon. Her current research interests are in the area of new synthetic pathways to prepare heterogeneous catalysts by self-assembly of functional materials and block copolymers. Dr. Serrano has published twenty seven research articles and written three book chapters.

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